Dealing With And Preventing Flu

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Rinse Your Hands

  • Irrespective of how many times have you heard it, cleaning your hands with soap prior to eating a meal is essentially the simplest and the most useful way to avoid the common flu and cold.
  • If not soap, use a disinfectant to wash your hands prior to eating.

Always Conceal Your Mouth

Dealing With And Preventing Flu

Dealing With And Preventing Flu

  • Regardless if it’s you who’s ill or your co-worker at work, concealing the mouth with a hankie or tissue will effectively avoid direct transmission of the germ.

Stay Away From Cold Food Items

  • Cold drinks, ice-creams etc., are bad for you particularly during seasonal changes because they produce congestion and escalate your vulnerability to viral contamination.

Make Sure You Eat Healthy

  • Clearly, if you eat healthy foods such as vegetables, protein foods, and fresh fruits your body will get extra nutrients to increase your immune system.
  • When your immune system is sturdy enough, it can combat against infections more effectively.

Drink Lots of Water

  • Water is the most low-cost natural cure for avoiding flu. The mucus lining your nose aids as a medium to catch grime and germs.
  • When you don’t consume adequate water, this mucous lining quickly dries out and becomes less useful in doing its core function.
  • Germs then seize this opportunity, attack the respiratory system and cause contamination.

Have Some Hot Tea

  • Though too much is not good for your health as it can lead to dehydration, a cup of tea is a great idea during rainy seasons.
  • If you don’t want black tea, you can always try some green tea with a slice of lemon or some honey. Extremely healthy alternative.
  • Lemon will assist the mucus to relax and honey is a great antibiotic.

Stay Away From Stress

  • Stress can raise the likelihood of catching a cold regardless of the health habits you apply to your lifestyle.
  • Though the exact connection between anxiety and flu is yet to be confirmed, some professionals believe that hormones discharged during stress causes variations in certain immune factors that result in irritation of the air passage.

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