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How To Get Rid Of Bunions

Overview of Bunions A bunion is a solid bump at the end of the big toe. It is caused by the movement of the big toe away from the smaller toes. Causes of Bunions The precise cause of bunions is unidentified, but it is likely a mixture of genetics and ecological factors. Risk Factors Bunions […]

How To Treat Middle Ear Infection

Overview of Middle Ear Infection With this disorder, the middle ear becomes infected and swollen. The middle ear is positioned behind the eardrum. Causes of Middle Ear Infection In most cases, middle ear infections are triggered by viruses. In other circumstances, specific bacteria might be the reason. Risk Factors of Middle Ear Infection Middle ear […]

First Aid For A Nosebleed

Causes of Nosebleeds Nosebleeds may be caused by: When the lining of the nose breaks Extremely dehydrated nasal tissue Picking or knocking the nose Blowing or chafing the nose with force Putting a foreign item in the nose Tumors in the nose Risk Factors Factors that might increase your possibility of nosebleeds Abnormality in the […]

How To Treat Poisoning

Overview Of Poisoning Every year hundreds of individuals from all age groups need medical assistance for poisoning from products generally found in the home. These items include medicines, cleaning stuff, peroxide, swimming pool detergents, insecticides, cosmetics and fuel. 60 % of the victims of accidental poisoning are kids. Kids aged between 1 to 3 years […]

The Treatment For Nausea

Overview Of Nausea Nausea is an unpleasant feeling in the tummy or the back of the throat. Nausea can be explained as feeling sick or squeamish, or as an upset tummy. This illness often takes place prior to throwing up or vomiting. Symptoms that can be present with nausea include faintness and dizziness, trouble swallowing, increased […]

What Causes Flu

Overview Of Flu Seasonal flu (also identified as influenza) is an extremely contagious infection caused by the flu virus. The virus contaminates your airways and lungs, causing an unexpected high fever and aches. You might also lose your need to eat, feel nauseated and have a dry cough. You might need to remain in bed till your symptoms are […]

Steps To Manage Food Poisoning

Overview Of Food Poisoning Food poisoning also referred to as food borne illness take places when you eat foods or drinks that are polluted with germs, microorganisms, parasites or pollutants, which are toxic substances. These toxic elements can pollute foods at any point during its handling or production. It can also pollute foods at home if the […]

Treating Nose Injuries

Overview Of Nose Injuries Nose injuries regularly happen during fights, falls, sports, and accidents. Pain, inflammation, and bruising are expected, even with slight injuries. Home treatment can generally help alleviate your symptoms. It might be hard to determine if your nose is broken. Inflammation can make your nose look bent even if it is not cracked. […]

Treating Eye Wounds

Overview Of Eye Wounds Minor eye wounds can be managed at home by doing it yourself: If you ever get a slight cut on your eyelid, place an antiseptic dressing or cloth to safeguard the area. If you don’t have an antiseptic dressing, use a fresh cloth. Do not use soft cotton dressings around the […]

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