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How To Deal With Panic Attacks

Overview Of Anxiety And Panic Attacks Anxiety Feeling concerned or anxious is a typical part of everyday life. Everybody worries or feels nervous from time to time. Mild to moderate anxiety can help you concentrate. If anxiety is serious, you might have feelings of vulnerability and extreme worry that is out of control. Overwhelming nervousness […]

How To Control Bleeding

What is Bleeding? Bleeding is the name generally used to define blood loss. It can indicate blood loss within the body (internal bleeding) or blood loss that occurs outside of the body (external bleeding). Blood loss can take place in almost any part of the body. Usually, internal bleeding takes place when blood escapes out […]

Treating Dry Eyes

Overview Of Dry Eyes Dry eyes take place when your eyes do not create enough tears. Tears are required to help keep sufficient moisture in your eyes. They help to keep the eye surface even and also help to guard the eyes from impurities and dirt. Dry eyes might sting or itch and can be […]

Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)

Low blood pressure, medically known as hypotension, occurs when a person’s blood pressure is lower than 90/60. The normal blood pressure for an average, healthy person is lower than 120mmHg/ 80mmHg. The top (higher) number represents the systolic blood pressure, whereas the bottom (lower) number signifies the diastolic blood pressure. In general, blood pressure pertains […]

First Aid For Bed Sores

Overview Of Bed Sores Pressure ulcers are wounds that crack the skin and core tissue. They are caused when a part of skin is placed under pressure. They are occasionally known as “pressure sores” or “bedsores”. Pressure ulcers can differ in severity from blotches of bruised skin to open lesions that bare the underlying tissue or muscle. How […]

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