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Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is the gas that is both colorless and odorless. It is generated from anything that produces combustion fumes. All of us are exposed to minimal amount of carbon monoxide during the day. If excessive amounts are inhaled, it results to carbon monoxide poisoning. There are several devices that produce these fumes: Fireplaces Heaters […]


A concussion is basically a mild traumatic injury to the brain. The injury can occur after an impact to your head or after a whiplash injury that causes the head and brain to shake back and forth. Take note that concussions are not life-threatening, but they can lead to serious symptoms that would always require […]

Ear Emergencies

Ear emergencies are any ear damage or injuries that leave hearing loss at risk, especially if left untreated. It may occur in any part of the ear, including the outer ear, middle ear, or inner ear. The outer ear, which is the part that people can see, is also called the pinna. It also includes […]

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services, commonly known as EMS, is a crucial component of the system for emergency, trauma case, and public health systems. It aims to provide emergency medical care to victims of different accidents and scenarios. The main purpose of emergency medical services is to fulfill the basic principles of first aid, which are to […]

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain, also muscle ache, is a very common complaint, not just by athletes but even by most people occasionally. It can involve more than just one muscle. Muscle pain does not necessarily involve just the muscle, but may also involve the ligaments (connects bones to bones), tendons (connects muscles to bones) and fascia (connects […]

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