The majority of emergency first aid course providers offer refresher courses for participants that want to renew expired or expiring awards. Renewal courses are a beneficial to candidates as the course focuses on improving candidates skills and learning more unique knowledge and skills rather than repeating a course. St Mark James Training is the premium provider of refresher courses as it has the most open policies for candidates and lowest prices. St Mark James also offers the highest number of re-certification courses compared to any other provider. This page will focus on the prerequisites and component of a emergency first aid and CPR refresher course.

Eligibility for Emergency First Aid Refresher

Not all provinces in Canada provide emergency first aid re-certification courses. Check with the provider in your area to determine if this course is available to you. To be eligible for a  course candidates must have completed a full course or a refresher course within the past 3 years. Candidates that have certificates older than 3 years must re-take the full course. No provider will offer exceptions to this policy. Participants must have completed the previous course within Canada. International emergency first aid certificates are not accepted for renewal. Participants must have completed the previous award through a credible provider such as St Mark James or Lifesaving Society to be eligible for a renewal course.

Providers That Offer Refresher Courses

Not all of the major providers of first aid and CPR courses offer refresher courses. Only the following major providers offer renewal courses:

  • St Mark James Training
  • The Lifesaving Society
  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation

Cost of a Emergency First Aid Refresher Course:

Emergency first aid refresher courses vary on price based on location, level of CPR partnered with the course and the provider. Prices range from 55 dollars to 95 dollars. Contact your local provider for more cost information.

Length of a Emergency First Aid Refresher Course:

The length of the course varies depending on the candidates in the course, the provider and ultimately the instructor. Class time typically varies from 6 to 8 hours.