What Are The Common Environmental Dangers

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World over, there are a number of changes that are taking place and changing our environment hence posing environmental dangers. This is directly posing a great threat to the existence of the human kind, animals and plants alike. There is the big question of what will happens if all the natural resources are depleted. The changes need to be addressed as soon as possible and effectively too. The changes have currently created what could be termed as environmental dangers to living things. Explained herein are some of the environmental dangers posed in relation to the humans.

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Global population.

The living conditions all over the world have been heavily affected by the environmental dangers that are rising day by day. The entire human population is under threat due to the rising cases of poor waste management, water shortages and the rising sea levels. These are just but a few ways that the human population is threatened.

Quality of air we breathe.

Many would question the need to address the quality of the air that we breathe. It may seem to be in abundant at the moment, but human activities continue to threaten the quality of the air around us. More and more factories are springing up and all of them get to emit fumes and poisonous gases in the air. This happens without the concern of how to replenish the diminishing fresh air. The polluted air has now seen the rise of a number of lung related conditions that also threaten the human existence as they kill millions in a year.

Human health.

As mentioned above, human activities have seen the environment degrade in a huge extent causing fatal environmental dangers. With it has come conditions and diseases that directly affect the human health. Pollution means that we are living with unwanted gases and materials in our environments. These gases do cause medical conditions among humans and eventually cause death. Pollution is not just limited to air, but it covers other environmental factors like water, sound among other all of which can affect human health.

Food supply.

The environmental degradation has also affected the human ability to produce enough food to feed the entire human population. Due to this, great deals of people die each and every day due to hunger and famine. At the same time, science has seen the possibility of creating genetically modified foods that are equally compromising the human health and creating environmental dangers.

Drinking water.

The world is 75% water. However there is the greatest irony that very small percentage of the human population can access water, let alone clean drinking water. To make this even worse, the little water that can be accessed has now been heavily polluted through human activities hence not being fit for consumption. Deforestation has seen huge chunks of the world forests disappear. It these forests that act as the sources of the rives that give water. When they get depleted, the human and animals stand a great chance of getting extinct due to lack of water. Due to the fact that water is very significant to our existence, many communities have gone to war in the quest of protecting their precious water sources.

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