How Your Cell Phone Can Help In Emergency Help

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Using cell Phone to call emergency when choked

With the increased number of medical emergencies in the modern days, there is a need to have ways to get emergency help immediately. With the development of technology, there are accessories such as bracelets that have symbols that notify medical experts of specific conditions you may have. There are also necklaces with a button for calling for emergency help. These accessories have played a great role in helping victims of various medical emergencies get help within the required time.

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Use of cell phone for emergency help

The use of cell phone in cases of medical emergencies has grown in popularity in Canada. People are encouraged to understand how their cell phones can help them in case of any form of emergency. All you need to do is to add a simple acronym in your cell phones. In case of an emergency when you have this device, it does not only make it easy for emergency medical providers to find where to get the person to make decision on your behalf in case you are unconscious. Notations are also made in regard to ailments such as seizures or diabetes.

The most advantageous thing is that it takes a minute to add the ICE listing to your address book. With this, you can be assured that in case an emergency occurs the concerned parties will know who to contact for amore information about you. This is not only vital for an adult, but also for children who may be uninjured, but do not know their relatives. It will be easy to offer emergency help required at any time with the help of the simple acronym.

In addition to the ICE listing, it is important to add contact numbers, so that emergency help personnel can reach decision makers in case you get disabled during the accident or any other medical emergency. You need to list more than one contact number and the contacts should be of people who have some information about your medical history. Let the contacts be of specific people whom you would like to be contacted.

Things that your contacts people should have

Ensure that your contact person’s have medical information that can be used when emergency help is provided. In the medical information, include ailments or conditions that you suffer from such as heart problems, hearing problem and seizures. This will allow the medical personnel to treat you effectively because they will have a better understanding of your condition. Therefore, add acronym ICE to your cell phone book and it could save your life or that of a close confidant.

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